Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Window Treatments: Perfecting a Showroom

Call it a formal room, or a show room, or an entertaining room, or any other title; but we all have that one room in our homes that we like to look rich and opulent and we like to show it off. Loading this room with all of the pieces that are just right, choosing the correct carpet or tile, and picking the right color paint to give a warming feeling is a good start; but, to perfect the room you are going to need the best window treatments.

Window treatments are often overlooked as an important part of a rooms design, however they truly are meant to be the icing on a perfect cake. In a showroom especially, how your windows are adorned can either make or break the entire ambiance of that room. Hunter Douglas Long Island window treatments and drapes -- for instance -- are the perfect way to resound a sense of wealth and luxury to the room without being too overly gaudy. Cornices also can bring together a room quite nicely, and they require a lot less attention than traditional drapes.

LIWTS are Long Island window treatment specialists and have been picking the right treatments for clients since 1993. Their expertise goes far beyond traditional fabric curtains; LIWTS employ numerous techniques and materials to find a match for the existing feeling of the room.

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