Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Window Treatments: Perfecting a Showroom

Call it a formal room, or a show room, or an entertaining room, or any other title; but we all have that one room in our homes that we like to look rich and opulent and we like to show it off. Loading this room with all of the pieces that are just right, choosing the correct carpet or tile, and picking the right color paint to give a warming feeling is a good start; but, to perfect the room you are going to need the best window treatments.

Window treatments are often overlooked as an important part of a rooms design, however they truly are meant to be the icing on a perfect cake. In a showroom especially, how your windows are adorned can either make or break the entire ambiance of that room. Hunter Douglas Long Island window treatments and drapes -- for instance -- are the perfect way to resound a sense of wealth and luxury to the room without being too overly gaudy. Cornices also can bring together a room quite nicely, and they require a lot less attention than traditional drapes.

LIWTS are Long Island window treatment specialists and have been picking the right treatments for clients since 1993. Their expertise goes far beyond traditional fabric curtains; LIWTS employ numerous techniques and materials to find a match for the existing feeling of the room.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Destination for History, Wine, and Hauntings

In the early 1900s, Jerome, Arizona was well on its way to being the capital city of Arizona as it approached statehood. A boom town, supported by the billions of dollars worth of copper ore in the surrounding hills and mountains, Jerome was built by the United Verde Copper Company. The entire town started off as a mining camp clinging to the steep cliffs of Cleopatra Hill. Within the first 10 years of production, the high output of copper led Jerome to go from a camp made of canvas and wood, to a booming city touting cutting-edge architecture.

Unfortunately, the good times couldn't last. By 1933 the mines had closed up shop and residents left in droves to find work elsewhere. For years the town sat nearly abandoned, with only a few tenacious holdouts and new-age hippies populating the crumbling foundations of the ghost town.

In the early 1990s, the town saw a resurgence as a tourist attraction. Now, in 2012, Jerome is going through another change as it is becoming the premier destination for wine-lovers. Not only are there several wine tasting rooms and wine bars in Jerome, but many varieties of grapes are also being grown on those steep hillsides that once held millions of dollars in precious metals.

Just below Jerome, in the Verde Valley, the banks of the Verde River offers the perfect, nutrient-rich soil and climate for vineyards, and many are springing up quickly. In fact, Cottonwood, Arizona, just below the town of Jerome has pooled municipal funds to create a learning environment for prospective winemakers to study the art.

With its rich history and full-bodied flavor, Jerome and the Verde Valley area is the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shopping for Fine Antiques Online

Nothing can set off a room like a beautiful dark wood antique piece of fine furniture. But sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect piece. How would you know which of the thousands of antique shops around the country have that perfect piece of luxury furniture that you are looking for? is the perfect answer to this question. They have a huge selection of original antique furniture, as well as antique reproduction furniture that have an elegant character to them. You can shop online, view pictures of all the items and even have them shipped directly to your home, no matter what part of the country you live in.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Every Room Organized

The recent tendency within home design and remodeling is “complete storage space redesigning. ” This method concentrates closet organizers within the optimization associated with design  in to 3 groups: power, appearance, as well as positioning. With the addition of performance to any or all areas within the house/building, you may make each and every room of your house meet your needs.

Through concentrating on the actual power of a space first, the area can be renovated into an ideal space.  Style, of course, is an extremely essential component whenever setting up wardrobe techniques, however a great design is created much better using the addition associated with power.

 Bathrooms are extremely great areas to make use of business within. Bath rooms tend to become a catastrophe rapidly, because of the considerable amounts of your time all of us invest generally there exercising cleanliness. A large number of items may stack up as well as dominate the whole space very quickly. Custom made constructed storage space techniques could be set up to assist along with storage space associated with cleansers, chemical substances, bath towels, along with other restroom components.

Many options can be found with regard to numerous areas inside the home. While many style companies focus on primarily custom closets as well as its closet organizers, these firms may also provide business in to the some other areas you might have. Custom Closets Direct produces a few incredible storage space options with regard to numerous areas.

Custom made business services are amazing. Applying a few of these solutions is not going to clean-up your own actual physical environment, however the neatness as well as ease of access of the fresh space may also make you much less pressured and much more calm.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Treasured and Rare Wines

Wine is the perfect symbol for opulence and luxury. Serving expensive wine to guests, has always been the epitome of showing your tastes and stature.

Though, wealth and knowledge of fine wine is not the exact same thing. A poor person can have the finest knowledge of good red wines, while the richest person may know very little. Only taste and experience can build a true knowledge and understanding for fine wines.

Whether you are more drawn to the sweeter white grape wines, such as Riesling or moscato wine, or if you are passionate about dark burgundy wines, there is a blend out there for everyone to love.

A good way to get started on your wine adventures, is to find a trusted distributor that hand picks and tastes all of its selections. One such distributor is Bacchus Selections.

While only open to orders by registered members, membership is quick, easy, and free. A membership also gains you discounts and rewards for purchases.

In no time, Bacchus can get you started on your order and have you sampling some of the top wines available in the world.

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